My-Buntu (Custom Ubuntu) manuals and build scripts

My Buntu DWM screenshot

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and one of the best Linux distributions. I am not a fan of Gnome. In my opinion it is too heavy.

I tried to build my own custom and lightweight ubuntu ISO. I started with customizing Xubuntu and Kubuntu ISO images and ended with Live Build scripts running in debian docker that are able to build my custom my-buntu images with XFCE, MATE or KDE. All editions have Openbox, i3wm and DWM window managers.

Feature Description
Livecd user/pass ubuntu/ or debian/ - live user is created by live-boot package on boot time, at
  my laptop it was booted with user ‘ubuntu’, but on virtualbox vm with user ‘debian’
GUI sessions Custom-DWM, XFCE, KDE, Openbox, i3WM, DWM(stock)
DWM custom ModKey Win
DWM terminal ModKey + Shift + Enter (Win + Shift + Enter)
DWM Dmenu ModKey + p (Win + p)
DWM exit ModKey + Shift + q (exits to terminal)
DWM close app ModKey + Shift + c