Fedora manuals and build scripts

Fedora 30 DWM screenshot

Fedora is one of the most popular and one of the best Linux distributions.
I have never bean a fan of the Fedora with Gnome. In my opinion it is too heavy. I wanted to try Fedora but without this too many resource consuming Gnome. There are official Fedora Spins but I wanted to have something more lighweight :-)

I tried to build my own light Fedora ISO. I created build scripts and configurations for my custom Fedora editions XFCE + DWM, KDE + DWM, DWM ultra light, MATE + DWM.

Feature Description
Livecd user/pass liveuser/liveuser
GUI sessions Custom-DWM, XFCE, MATE, KDE
DWM custom ModKey Win
DWM terminal ModKey + Shift + Enter (Win + Shift + Enter)
DWM Dmenu ModKey + p (Win + p)
DWM exit ModKey + Shift + q (exits to terminal)
DWM close app ModKey + Shift + c