Canonical Ubuntu

What is Multipass, it is a tool that allows to easily create and use Ubuntu server Virtual Machines at Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Install Multipass for your platform following instructions at

Create and start new VM machine

multipass launch --name ubuntu-1

multipass shell ubuntu-1

Inside ubuntu-1 VM install applications and create mounting point directory

mkdir -p ~/ubuntu-1-home

sudo apt update  && sudo apt install xorg mc geany firefox tmux git 

On host system create mounting point that will be shared with guest VM

mkdir -p private/multipass/ubuntu-1-home
multipass mount private/multipass/ubuntu-1-home ubuntu-1:ubuntu-1-home

SSH Connection with X11 forwarding

PREREQUISITE: Install your public ssh key to the VM ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

# on host run to get the list of installed VMs
multipass list 

# allow X11 forwarding to your host 
xhost + 

# and then connect with X11 forwarding to selected VM by its IP address:

ssh -X ubuntu@

# and no you can run gui apps and forward them to your display , for example: